Sinistra is a creative studio based in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil. We are a combination of illustrators and designers. Illustration, lettering, and all kinds of design and artistic improvement is (literally) our business. Our commitment is to help people and companies to find their one true visual identity and potential.

To merge two different elements creates a new and unique third one. Run by Rafael and Isadora, Sinistra is this blending of creation and technique. It is the result of a super sum, or super soma.

This is the very essence of our work: we believe in joining forces with clients and other partners to explore, develop and deliver the finest design.

Our goal is to make the world not only a more functional place, but also a prettier one. We believe that through our collaborative artistic and conceptual work we can invest in people and companies who make a difference out there.

That is why every project is handmade specially and personally for our customers. No automated and boring expressionless layouts.

Go for what is bold. Go for what is eccentric. Go for Sinistra.

 Dream Projects

• Any japanese restaurant that will pay in food

• Chocolate bars packaging

• Google Doodle

• Soap packaging